Aged Care Services

Home Care Packages

Home care packages allow you to work with a provider of your choosing to design a package of coordinated care and services that best suit you, who you are and how you wish to live.

A package coordinated through Rainbow Care is customised to you:

  • To continue living an independent life the way you want, how you want it
  • To keep you well, safe and independent in your home
  • To support you to stay connected to your community
  • 15% Care Coordination fee
  • 13% Administration fee
  • The freedom to use your choice of care service providers or we can help you to source inclusive workers and providers
  • No entry or exit fees
  • No basic daily fees
  • No review fees
  • No hidden costs or charge rate loading

Rainbow Workers

Our qualified, experienced, and insured workers will assist you with any task around the home you might need help with and at a pace and level set by you. (NOTE: the charge rate varies for evenings, weekends and public holidays) Some frequently requested services are:

In-home Art Therapy Workshops: Meet our resident Rainbow Care Art Therapist, Freya. She will take you on a journey to express and explore yourself without the use of words using a range of mediums matching your preference from paint to rocks or even lego.

Meal preparation: Rainbow Worker to prepare your meals of choice for you or maybe cooking is something you like to do you just want a little help to peel and chop the vegetables while you do it. Your choice

Domestic Assistance: Rainbow Worker can support you to stay on top of those little jobs around the home that might be getting a little too much like vacuuming, general cleaning, laundry washing or washing the car or even washing and walking the dog.

Personal Care: Rainbow Worker can assist you with your routine hygiene rituals like bathing, washing your hair, dressing, putting the hearing aids in etc.

Medication Prompting: Rainbow Worker can give subtle reminders or prompting to ensure medication routines continue as planned.

Shopping and Appointments: Rainbow Worker can help you with your shopping or getting to and from appointments. At your preference you can also utilise your Rainbow Worker to coach you on online shopping to support this as a future possibility for enhanced independence.

Social Support
Social connection is crucial in supporting your general health and well being. The Rainbow Worker can assist you with a personal project you may be working on, getting out and about in the community, day trips or even just a cuppa and a chat in the community or at home if that is your preference. If you’re curious and would like us to look into options for you that suit your needs and preferences we can also do this.

Emergency Respite
Sometimes the unexpected happens where you require 24/7 care or a little extra unscheduled support or you might just need a well-deserved break from your caring role. We are happy to jump straight in and support however we can.

Basic Yard Maintenance and Gardening
You may love gardening and working in the yard. We love playing in the yard too and are happy to work with you to complete your gardening and yard activities the way you like it done either with you or as per your instructions. From watering the garden, weeding, pruning, edging, and mowing.

Just a quick call scheduled based on your needs and frequency to either support medication prompting or welfare check in’s.

After Hours Concierge
This service is aimed towards service providers who might need after hours case management available to support decision making and guidance for support workers providing after hours services.

Case Management & Navigation Support
Navigating access to aged care supports and funding can be quite overwhelming and a bit of a maze. We are happy to support you in navigating this maze and advocating for the supports you need.